HIT as a whole

HIT as a whole

General Incorporated Association Hokkaido Intellect Tank (HIT) has been conducting research studies about a wide range of themes such as medical & nursing care, welfare, agriculture & agricultural districts and international exchange. We have been tackling with various issues related to the local economic society from a long-term viewpoint. In
2015 we have 40th anniversary from establishment in 1975. We will fully utilize our knowledge and experiences to find effective solutions for local communities by making policies, strategies and best practice.

International Department(Business planning)

International Department conducts research activities in various theme mainly focus on North-East Asia. Our mission is aiming to be a coordinator to connect Japan and overseas countries based on the technology, know-hows and experiences that Hokkaido have. We especially promote the companies' entry to and exchanges of human resources with the Eurasian countries including Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus in the sector of agriculture, medical & health care, infrastructure and tourism utilizing the original knowledge of Hokkaido which is located in the northern and cold region.

(Common in Sapporo headquarters and Tokyo branch office)

  • Research studies on Russia, the NIS countries (the new independent states of the former Soviet Union) and the Asia Pacific region
  • Support for international development and overseas advance of Japanese companies
  • Planning and management of international cooperation projects about a wide range of themes such as agriculture, medical & health care, infrastructure and tourism
  • Various proposal for policy making about the promotion of internationalization

Achievement of International Department (Business planning)
of HIT in the fiscal 2016

12 research projects about the internationalization of the regions and promotion of international cooperation

  1. Automatic irrigation control system of water and salt in soil
    (Institute of Geography of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Department of Water Resources)
  2. Comprehensive factual investigation on the northern region
    (Cabinet Office)
  3. Training project for technological support by the Japan Center in Russia in the fiscal 2016 "Small Business Management in Fareast Russia" (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  4. Promotion project for the establishment of Food Value Chain in the fiscal 2016
    (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
  5. Project for Development of Rural Business with Forest Products in the Kyrgyz Republic
    (Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA))
  6. Master PlanProject for pan International Cooperation Age
    (Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA))
  7. The Data Collection Survey on Agriculture sector in Republic of Uzbekistan
    (Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA))
  8. Research for formulating detailed improvement plan of hygiene milking technology project in Chuy Region
    (Analysis on dairy management)
    (Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA))
  9. Knowledge Co-creation Program (Country Focus) “Regional development through integration of rural tourism and value-added agriculture" in Georgia
    (Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Hokkaido International Center)
  10. Survey for increasing export cargo from airports in Hokkaido
    (Hokkaido Government)
  11. Overseas expansion of energy-saving technology in cold district
  12. Hokkaido-Russia Business Center
    (Business support) (Original project)